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Dr.Lavanya Seshasayee -The Mental Health Activist, Self-Advocate, Women’s Activist, Creative writer cum exceptionally revolutionary and Creative Thinker on women’s rights, with a  specialization in Gender and Mental Health Issues. I have been involved in the Indian recovery movement for women who are psychosocially challenged and have an intense interest in capturing their narratives through creative fiction. I got wedded 7 years ago and have a very supportive hubby who totally respects my freedom and rights as a woman. So far he has been the man behind my success. I have a lovely mother too who possesses a very special sensitivity to my work and relentlessly supports me in my ambition to work for the women with psychosocial challenges. I am a worker in Christ at a very personal level. I also have a very special admiration for Mother Teresa and her work still being done by the missionaries of charity all around the world. I am an ardent supporter of the feminist cause – let me be very clear about that. I believe in reaching out to meet the needs of the disabled and psychosocially challenged women all around the world. I possess incredible guts and have a will to change realities that represent a socially accepted powered status quo- o yes, I do derive a lot of satisfaction in challenging and dismantling power hierarchies such as those between the rich and the poor, men and women, the psychosocially challenged and so-called ‘sane’ world of mental health specialists. My aim in life-to bring about the death of male chauvinism and to spare no effort towards dismantling patriarchy with its morbid colonial-like manifestations- especially the way women are sexually controlled for the sheer pleasure that most men derive out of this dirty exercise. Sounds shocking? Well, you better be shocked – a shock treatment to the societal framework would be the best means to procure rights and privileges for the millions of underprivileged masses of women. And I don’t hesitate to discuss these brazen realities with a shocking frankness that most other women would not dare to possess or articulate with conviction owing to their pathetic socialization that robs them of capacity to think originally and question what is not fair. This is Lavanya for you!!! – The eternal revolutionary shocker who seeks to deconstruct societal taboos that have been instituted to privilege a select few in the first place. I am a great strategizer who can help other women maker an unfair system respond to their rights and needs through my specialized counseling which teaches them strategies to deal with the cultural imperialist. I also teach them how to secure their bargaining power that will help in gaining their rights, in short, I am a woman WHO DARES TO BE DIFFERENT AND HAS THE GUTS TO DO SO!!! Is hatred the way to achieve our ends? No, we stand for our rights with other people many of whom are men too – who have dreamed of an alternate existential reality for women as also others. These women and the men who support them shall be the vehicles for the transmission of equality and social justice – this then is what I stand for in life. I have started an organization called the ‘Global Women’s Recovery Movement’ although people from all over the world shall be welcome to contribute their ideas to this movement that seeks to improve and change realities for women who are psychosocially challenged. The way they choose to deal with these psychosocial challenges in the context of societal reformation and personal reformation will change their destiny and this is what I will teach them to do via a unique mental health user-perspective-based-support system. I believe anybody with a disability can do things that they wish to via this unique support system. SO take care, thank you and have a wonderful day!